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Benefits to your Business


There is the opportunity for a company to enhance the impact of their carbon offset work if they are the first within their market sector or locality to achieve "Carbon-Zero" status; this accolade will remain with them whilst their competitors play catch up. 

Why act now?

In a recent survey conducted by BSI on net-zero and it’s implications on UK business, from 1000 senior UK decision makers surveyed, only 10% were fully aware of net-zero and how it impacted their organisation, with the remaining 90% unsure and requiring more guidance. 

Businesses of all sizes are now realising the benefits of reducing their carbon-emissions - and a move towards Net-Zero helps raise their business profile through:  

  • First mover advantage   

  • Market differentiation   

  • Improved tender scoring 

  • Future proof against regulation 

  • Increased staff morale 

  • Leveraging a good environmental, social and corporate profile (ESG) to attract external financing.  


In assessing your carbon footprint, you can identify emissions hotspots and look for opportunities to reduce them within your business. Through replacing older technologies, implementing lower energy IT solutions and renewable energy solutions where possible, you can achieve real change to your GHG emissions profile at low cost and without impacting on your business model. This can be as simple as switching tariffs with your energy provider to negate electricity or gas associated carbon-emissions.  


Carbon-Zero are an experienced energy and carbon emissions consultancy, based in Aberdeen, supporting clients internationally and across the UK in improving their carbon emissions status.  

Experienced in many industry sectors we offer Energy and Carbon Assessments, Product Life Cycle Analysis, Supply Chain Analysis, Energy Transition Assistance, Feasibility Studies, ESOS and SECR Guidance, Project Management and Low Carbon Technology Advice to businesses of all scales.  

We also offer a range of technology and service assessments, enabling businesses to validate the carbon savings achievable through utilisation of proprietary technologies and services. 

Want to learn more about how we can help your business achieve net-zero?

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