Onshore vs Offshore Drill Cuttings Processing Carbon Assessment

This project was carried out in order to highlight the environmental benefits and inherent carbon savings involved when operators process their drill cuttings offshore, using TWMA's remote TCC-Rotomill kit, rather than transporting those cuttings back onshore and processing them at their Peterhead site.

Carbon-Zero's challenge was to segregate the individual processes involved in both methodologies, and calculate an accurate carbon footprint for each of those processes, before comparing the two to present our findings.

The carbon emissions associated when choosing to process drill cuttings offshore was found to be more than a 50% saving over the equivalent drill cuttings processed onshore.


Carbon Assessment and Offsetting

Colin Lawson recently became the first Carbon Neutral heavy haulage company in the North East of Scotland.

Using Carbon-Zero's carbon accounting services they were able to calculate an accurate carbon footprint of the business for 2019. 

They then purchased carbon credits equal to their agreed carbon emissions in tonnes of CO2e, through Carbon-Zero and CO2Balance©, to offset those emissions and were able to declare the business Carbon Neutral.