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Helping businesses on the journey to Net Zero

CalcPlus(c) Carbon management tool

Positive advantages over competitive industrial processes, or equipment and toolsets, can be identified and optimised by a Carbon-Zero Technical Carbon Impacts® assessment & development program. While most industrial processes and equipment will have some base carbon impact which is environmentally harmful in absolute terms.

A Carbon-Zero Technical Carbon Impact assessment can assess a technical solution to ascertain and quantify its embedded carbon impact, as well as any embedded comparative advantages over competitive products, alternate industry practices or regulatory norms. Thus, highlighting any emissions savings which can be earned through use of your offering.

Such comparative advantages can be lighted upon and quantified both environmentally and financially, to promote low carbon, sustainability, and circularity credentials, to align with both yours and your client’s Net Zero Carbon targets, and ESG program improvements.

A Carbon technical assessment will:

Give management a comprehensive account of carbon the organisational carbon impact – positives as well as negatives; emissions liabilities; improvement opportunities – outliers and inefficiencies, over and underperforming assets and services

Give the organisation the foundation on which to build strong Sustainability credentials, with identified priorities + their baselines for reporting future initiatives and improvements.

Give external stakeholders knowledge & confidence that the organisation’s Carbon Footprint is known and measured, that risks have been quantified and are ready to be addressed

The team here at Carbon-Zero have developed CalcPlus as a means to allow customers to record and manage their own carbon assessments across Scopes 1,2 & 3. 

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