Products and Services - Carbon Verification

Do you have a product or service with an inherent positive impact on GHG emissions, or that reduces on the emissions associated with your competition? 

People find it easy to see the emissions savings associated with choosing renewable energy over fossil fuels. But often the big emissions savings are had by streamlining a service and removing the need for carbon intensive logistics and supply chain elements – and these can be a little more difficult to comprehend. 

We can provide a thorough carbon analysis of the full life-cycle of a product or service, calculated to PAS2050 standards. This analysis can be benchmarked against industry norms, or against a comparative product or service, to give you quantifiable results on the amount of Carbon your customers and client base can save by selecting you. 

All of our carbon emission surveys are carried out and reported in ordinance with the requirements of the GHG Protocol, while Carbon Neutrality is reported in line with PAS 2060:2014 standards.

This will support and endorse your low carbon and cost saving claims for Clients, Investors or Funding Sources.