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Our range of services

Please explore the range of services we provide to help your business achieve net zero 

or get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Carbon Accounting

The ‘Carbon Footprint’ of a business is the amount of greenhouse gases (GHG) in tonnes of CO2e produced to directly and indirectly support business activities.

The Carbon-Zero team are here to help you work through the process and develop your company Carbon management plan

Rock Balancing

Carbon Verification & Feasibility Studies

Do you have a product or service with an inherent positive impact on GHG emissions, or that reduces on the emissions associated with your competition?

Our team work with companies to identify the carbon savings that can be achieved on products or services, helping them move ahead of their competitors with their low carbon offering.

Green Buildings

ESOS and SECR Reporting

Our team of specialists can guide your business through your ongoing, annual SECR obligations, to prepare an emissions reduction project plan, provide calculators and training to your staff to perform ongoing recording, assistance in preparing annual report and Emissions Intensity Ratio.

Sustainable Energy

Carbon Offsetting

Working in conjunction with our Carbon Offsetting partner, we offer our clients access to a portfolio of global sustainability projects against which to offset your carbon emissions.

These projects are both high impact and innovative carbon management solutions, and are designed in such a way that make a difference both at a local and global level.
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Want to learn more about how we can help your business achieve net-zero?

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